Ibiza Hair Z4 Brush - 65mm

  • €55.20


Amazing tension for smooth and shiny looks. Fight frizz and tame coarse, dark hair with the Z4.

Specially designed to brush a wider section of hair, great for big, bouncy blow dries!

This high-quality Spanish brush is made from the most natural materials. Boar bristles reinforced with nylon are extremely gentle on the hair, while the cork handle with ergonomic grip makes blow drying incredibly comfortable. The blonde boar bristles distribute the natural oils in the hair for a super shiny finish while allowing for good grab and root lift.

Suitable for:

Medium to long hair.
Thick/ coarse/ unruly hair.

How to Use:

Dry off excess wet before sectioning hair. Place brush under section at the root while keeping the dryer facing down over the brush. Follow brush with a dryer from roots to ends ensuring roots are lifted and completely dry before taking next section. Repeat until hair is silky smooth.

For bouncy blow dries, wrap hair back up into the brush and hold for 10 seconds before unwinding.