Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my brushes?

Remove all the hair or residue from the brush with a wide tooth comb or chop sticks. Dilute a sink full of warm water with a mild or natural shampoo. Fully immerse the brush or brushes for 2-3 minutes, rinse, blot with a clean dry towel and let air dry. Once dry, store and keep your brushes in a clean container. Cork functions better clean and so don’t worry about soaking your cork for a couple of minutes, it will perform that much better.

How often should I replace my brushes?

Every brush has a life cycle. Depending on how often you blow-dry hair, brushes should be replaced every 6 months to a year. Think of hair brushes as you would a tooth brush. Never use a hair brush on someone that you have used on someone else prior, only use clean brushes on each client.

What is meant by Reinforced Boar Bristles?

Not all brushes are created equal and not all bristles are created equal. Ibiza Hair mixes 65% natural boar bristle with a unique carbon fibre heat resistant nylon. This nylon is manufactured in Spain and has a micro ball tip which is safe for the scalp and prevents the brush from getting stuck in the hair. The unique bristle combination creates tension and slip to twist and swirl the brush to create waves, curls, volume and smoothness naturally. Boar’s hair naturally distributes the oils in your hair for a natural shine.

Where does your cork come from?

The cork used in the Ibiza Hair brushes, comes from the Mediterranean region of Spain, where the climate allows for a softer more malleable cork than the cork that comes from Asia. The cork tree is an environmentally friendly tree as the cork is shaved off and then regrows.

How do I buy a brush and learn how to use it properly?

Please go to our store locator and look for a salon nearby to buy a brush. We also recommend making an appointment for a blowout with a stylist that the salon receptionist recommends. Tell them Ibiza Hair sent you.

Watch everything the stylist does from prep to finish. Afterwards, ask the stylist to help pick out a brush for you from the Ibiza hair stand or bowl. Ask for a one specific technique, and make another appointment for a blow dry in a week or two. Demonstrate your new technique and ask for a critique and then another technique to work on. After about 4-6 techniques and appointments you will be ready to start teaching your friends how to blow dry and you can start having Ibiza hair blow dry parties.  We also recommend listening to your favourite music and lighting some candles when you do your hair, make it an enjoyable sensory experience, sing if you want.

If there is not a salon nearby consider going on a blow dry holiday and staying at a hotel near a salon that carries the Ibiza brushes. You can make it an Ibiza hair holiday and learn some valuable styling techniques, while you visit one of your favourite cities or explore a new one.