Ibiza Hair G5 Brush - 70mm

  • €36.00

70mm Hybrid large. Narrow barrel and long bristles, known as the bouncy brush, since it leaves hair straight but with a bounce. Great for setting the hair with movement. The most universal and easy to use brush.

This high-quality Spanish brush is made from the most natural materials. Boar bristles reinforced with nylon are gentle on the hair, while the cork handle with ergonomic grip makes blow drying incredibly comfortable.

Swirled boar bristles distribute the natural oils in the hair while adding density and volume to create the perfect curl.

Suitable for:

Very long.
Thick/unruly hair.

How to Use:

***Hot tip for curly blow dries***

Dry off excess wet before sectioning hair. Take a section at nape and work upwards. Place brush under section at the root while keeping the dryer facing down over the brush. Follow brush with a dryer from roots to ends, twisting the ends and wrapping hair back up into the brush. Leave brush in hair for 10 seconds and unravel with a twisting motion.

For experienced blow dryers, leave several brushes in hair for tight bouncy curls.