• €120.00

GL7 Gold Metallic
Extra large oval brush, Gold Plated, 100% boar and white nylon bristles.

Hand polished gold plated hair brush. 100% Boar Bristles mixed with scalp stimulating transparent nylon. Scientific Brushing Inspired. Boar bristles effortlessly distribute sebum for natural shiny hair. Carefully buffed nylon massages, stimulates and exfoliates the scalp for healthy future growth. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Boar Bristles have been used for centuries on dry hair pre shampoo to prep the hair and as a conditioning treatment by itself.

The imperfection at the top of this brush was done on purpose to allow more air flow to pass through the pneumatic pad for smoother and gentler brushing.

This brush is not recommended to be used aggressively with a blow dryer, this is a scientific brush for the purpose of treating the hair to a boar bristle massage sensation of shine and relaxation. This brush prefers the air of your breath relaxing into the brush, not a dryer. This brush can also be used for updo’s, roller sets, and sensational grooming.

Made in Korea