Ibiza Hair BM7 Brush

  • €78.00


Extra large oval brush, Burnished Metal, 100% boar and white nylon bristles.

The extra large oval shape design contours to the shape of the head for high performance brushing and styling. The larger pneumatic pad protects hair from being over brushed. 100% boar bristles mixed with gentle white nylon bristles. Effortless detangling, shine and scalp stimulator.

The Metallic series brushes are for styling and for the optimal health of your hair and scalp. The nylon helps stimulate the scalp and the boar bristles add natural shine. Brushing from the nape to the hairline before each shampoo will aid in cleaning the hair, stimulating the scalp and prolonging a blow out.
You can use the Metallic series brushes with a blow dryer but we do not suggest putting the dryer’s concentrator directly on the brush for longer than one second or you could risk damaging both the hair and the brush. Use the dryer on a medium heat setting and always keep the brush and dryer moving. Keep the brush an inch away from the dryer, switch to cool once dry and don’t over heat.

Hand polished metal. Made in Italy.